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Assistive Product Heckeinsteiger NIVO

Product Type:

Rear entry vehicles


In the rear of the vehicle, the floor is cut out so that a tray can then be inserted. The ramp allows the person in the wheelchair to get inside and be securely fastened there. Thus, one can remain in the wheelchair for short but also long distances.
Suitable for this conversion are vehicles for up to 8 people.

Features / Components:

- Lowering mechanism
- Floor cutout

Price (without guarantee):

The price is available on request from the manufacturer / distributor.

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KIRCHHOFF Mobility GmbH & Co. KG
Nikolaus-Otto-Str. 5
40721 Hilden
Germany Telephone: 02103 5876-0 Email: Homepage:


- NIVO: Ramp stands vertically in the trunk.
- NIVOPlus: short ramp with additional lowering of the vehicle built in.
- NIVOFlex: ramp fully retractable so that the trunk remains usable.



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Last Update: 16 Mar 2021