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Careva Hüftgurt

Product Type:
wheelchair restraint system

Areas of Application:
- personal security
- wheelchair attachment
- for people with functional disabilities

The hip belt is designed to prevent the pelvis from sliding forward and down. The harness is often used for problems related to spasticity.
Features / Components:
- Can be mounted in all vehicles with the seat and backrest separate from the seat
- Can be used on all wheelchairs with fixed backrest and backrest to be mounted between seat and backrest
- suitable for front and rear seats
- suitable for child seats
- hip belt has a step mount
- the hip belt should always be mounted on a base belt and provided with an additional closure to a functional unit
The hipbelt is available in two versions: The standard version is locked on the side with an additional closure (available as a Careva hip set).
- An alternative hipbelt design with an integrated closure that locks into various positions. Suitable for users who tend to open the buckle
- The alternative hip belt is not available as a set, but is available only as a separate product.
- Both hipbelt versions are available in sizes S, M, L

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Careva AB


Mobilcenter Zawatzky GmbH


T-RV Technik & Reha Vertriebs GmbH

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