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Assistive Product Binova-flow Antrieb

Product Type:

Additional electric drive for the bottom bracket

Areas of Application:

- as a retrofit kit for bicycles
- for pedal assistance


The electric motor is installed in place of the bottom bracket. The system consists of the central motor, a down tube battery or luggage rack battery and a control unit with display. The display is connected to a tactile handlebar control with three buttons.

The motor is a permanently excited synchronous machine. Two outer rotor disks rotate relative to a stator located in the middle. This is made up of numerous, small segments with an air gap between them.
The individual engine components are put together using an injection molding process and thus isolated from external influences.
If the bike model is changed, the motor can be transferred to the next model.
The freewheel in the motor allows you to ride an e-bike like a normal bike without resistance or increased effort.

Depending on the bike model and personal You can choose between a down tube battery and a luggage rack battery. The integrated level indicator shows how much battery power is still available.
The open standard energy bus for data and energy transfer for light electric vehicles enables the use of existing charging infrastructures in many cities and communities.

Display Remote
Thanks to the tactile Handlebar control with its 3 buttons, the device can be operated intuitively. The backlit display helps to read parameters.
You can remove the control panel or install it to prevent theft.
The intuitive controls preserve the feeling of cycling. An uncontrolled starting or pushing the motor is excluded.
The organically designed step support offers the inexperienced driver an increased level of safety and facilitates adaptation.

Driving profiles
The control can also be used with a wide variety of driving profiles. Driving profiles can be used flexibly and can be further customized on request. In the basic equipment of the drive system there are 5 tried and tested profiles (City, Tour, Hill, Cargo and Special) available. The driver can decide and upload the desired profile with a click of the mouse.

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Binova GmbH
Straße des 17. Juni 25
01257 Dresden
Germany Telephone: 0351 21332030 Email: Homepage:


Binova GmbH
Straße des 17. Juni 25
01257 Dresden
Germany Telephone: 0351 21332030 Email: Homepage:

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