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Nemo vertikal

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Electric wheelchair for children and adults, with seat lift and standing function, front wheel drive
Use: indoor and outdoor
Option: among other things couch function

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The Nemo Vertical power wheelchair is modular. The Nemo Vertical Junior version is designed for children, teenagers and young adults. The power wheelchair is particularly suitable for users with paraplegia, craniocerebral trauma, muscle diseases or in cases of decubitus and circulatory disorders. The Nemo Vertical power wheelchair with erecting function has an automatic length compensation of the backrest, seat and leg supports. The standing function can be operated from any position. The seat unit of the Nemo Vertical grows with the user.

Features / Components:

- Frame: Steel tube frame
- Sliding rod
- Back: padded, electrically angle adjustable, chest strap
- Seat: one-piece, upholstered, grows with your body, Ergo cushion for all seat depths
- Seat dimensions: Seat width, seat depth adjustable
- Seat, electrical functions: seat lift, standing function from a sitting position
- Side parts: width adjustable, height adjustable
- Armrests: upholstered, height adjustable, width adjustable, electrically adjustable
- Operating unit: R-Net, joystick, operating bracket right or left
- Legrests: adjustable in length
- Footrest: one-piece
- Tyres: pneumatic tyres, grey or black
- Wheels: swivel rear wheels
- Suspension: Chassis suspension
- Brake: Engine brake and parking brake
- Drive: Front wheel drive, 2 electric motors
- Batteries
- Battery charger
- Colour: Frame: silver metallic, red; Cover: anthracite - red, anthracite - grey, black

Price (without guarantee):

Basic model Nemo Vertical: 20,508.00 EUR (incl. batteries, charger, seat and backrest upholstery, seat lift, standing function from a seated position, electric armrests and legrests, biomechanical backrest, electric backrest adjustment and chest strap) plus VAT (recommended retail price)

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Meyra-Ring 2
32689 Kalletal-Kalldorf
Germany Telephone: 05733 922-311 (Rollstühle),
05733 922-355 (Rehabilitationshilfen),
05733 922-333 (Ersatzteile)
Email: Homepage:


Meyra-Ring 2
32689 Kalletal-Kalldorf
Germany Telephone: 05733 922-311 (Rollstühle),
05733 922-355 (Rehabilitationshilfen),
05733 922-333 (Ersatzteile)
Email: Homepage:

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Technical Data:

Nemo Vertical Nemo Vertical Junior
total width: 66 cm
total length: 120 cm
total height: 113 cm
seat width: 32- 54 cm 20- 36 cm
Seat depth: 43 - 55 cm 35 - 47 cm
Seat height: 56 - 86 cm 56 - 86 cm
Back height: 58 cm
Height of the armrests: 20 - 35 cm 17 - 20.5 cm
Front wheels: 14 inch
Rear wheels: 9 inch
Speed: 6 / 10 km/h
batteries: 63 / 73 Ah
Range: 35 km
Turning circle: 70 cm
obstacle height: 7 cm
Gradeability: 12%.
Weight: 185 km
Load capacity: 100 km

Options / Accessories:

- Headrest: Standard or with side support
- Back, electrical functions: angle adjustable, 90-150 degrees
- Seat, electrical functions: seat tilt up to 25 degrees, seat lift by another 15 cm, driving while standing, combined function sit-standing-lying
- Footrest: electrically lowerable to the floor as transfer aid
- Special controls: Omni-environmental control, external adjustment keyboard, table control, mini-joystick, chin control, companion control, memory function for storing motion sequences, various attachments
- Tyres: puncture-proof tyres
- Wheels: Support rollers
- Suspension: Chassis spring (spring force adjustable up to 100 kg via hydraulic adjustment)
- Drive: 10 km/h
- Lighting: LED lighting system
- Other:
pads, calf pads, abduction wedge, lumbar support, belts, power knot element, holders for oxygen bottle and respirator, therapy table, rear-view mirror



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