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PR Biolution

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Electric wheelchair with standing function, front-wheel drive
Use: Indoor and outdoor areas
Option: including various electrical functions

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The PR Biolution offers a standing function, a seat tilt, a seat lift, a reclining function and an overhead position. Furthermore, the wheelchair has biometric joints that enable stable standing. Since the PR Biolution enables a stable, upright position, it is possible to work with both hands in a safe standing position. The standing wheelchair is available in different versions for different body sizes:

Version small
- 120 to 150 cm body size (without docking station)

Version G1
- 150 to 175 cm body size

Version G2
- 175 to 200 cm body size

Features / Components:

- Frame: steel
- Headrest: height, depth and inclination adjustable
- Back: adjustable back, height adjustable, angle adjustable backrest
- Seat: angle adjustable, height adjustable, seat lift, seat tilt, reclining function, overhead positioning
- Seat: various Seat widths, seat depths, seat heights available
- Side parts: removable, height-adjustable
- Armrests: padded, height-adjustable, foldable
- Control unit: Joystick, right or left, can be swiveled away
- Legrests: divided, angle-adjustable
- Footrest: divided, height-adjustable, individually foldable and lockable
- Wheels: drive wheels and steering wheels, in gray or black;
- Tires: pneumatic or puncture-proof tires
- Drive: front-wheel drive, spring t
- Batteries: maintenance-free gel batteries
- Charger
- Lighting: LED direction indicator, LED front and rear lights
- Various colors available (with many colors at no extra charge)

Price (without guarantee):

Basic model Paravan PR Biolution: 29,500.00 EUR plus VAT (recommended retail price)

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Paravanstr. 5-10
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Paravanstr. 5-10
72539 Pfronstetten-Aichelau
Germany Telephone: 07388 9995-66 Email: Homepage:

Örtliche Sanitätshäuser und Orthopädie-technische Fachbetriebe

Technical Data:

Overall width (G1 / G2): 65 cm
Overall length (G1 / G2): 120 cm (96 cm without foot plates)
Overall width (small version): 60 cm
Overall length (small version): 100 cm (90 cm without foot plates)
Seat width: 37/45 cm
Seat depth: 37 - 50/39 - 52 cm
Seat height: 37 - 84 cm
Back height: 61/67 cm
Back angle: 8 - 85 degrees
Seat tilt forwards (standing function): 90 degrees
Seat inclination backwards (scantling): 37 degrees
Footrest inclination: 0 - 90 degrees
Front wheels: 3.00-8 inches
Rear wheels: 2.50-3 inches
Speed: 6 or 10 km / h
Battery: 2 x 12 volts / 55 Ah / C20
turning circle: 140 cm
obstacle height: 6 cm
gradeability: 12% / 14%
weight (small version / version G1, G2): 198/204 kg
load capacity: 150 kg

Options / Accessories:

- various seat cushions, back cushions, anti-decubitus cushions
- headrest with lateral side guides (height and angle adjustable), folding headrest (depth, height and angle adjustable)
- pushing aid with handles, mounted on the backrest
- Various armrests available, armrests that run parallel to the backrest, armrests with 12-way adjustment, can be swiveled up
- Control: REM 550 (right or left), gyro control, environmental control, special control, voice control, attendant control (DX-PDC intuitive)
- reinforced Lift system from 120 - 150 kg weighted
- Batteries maintenance-free, 2 pieces: 55Ah 12 V

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Last Update: 13 Aug 2020