Assistive Product Scewo Bro

Product Type:

Electric wheelchair
Wheelchair with seat lift
Stair wheelchair
Use: Indoor and outdoor


The Scewo Bro is an electric wheelchair with caterpillar function. The caterpillar function is used to overcome stairs and sidewalks. A companion or a mounting structure on the wall is not required. The caterpillars have four points of contact with the stairs, which ensures stability. The seat unit is automatically tilted backwards when climbing stairs so that the wheelchair user is always in an upright position. The control works via a joystick in combination with a cell phone app.

Features / Components:

- Frame: fixed steel frame
- Back: angle-adjustable backrest
- Seat: fixed seat (delivery without seat and back cushions)
- seat, electrical Function: 37 degree seat inclination, seat lift, adjustment of the seat angle when climbing stairs
- side parts: height adjustable
- armrests: height adjustable
- control unit: joystick and app on smartphone or control console; Operating bracket left or right
- leg supports: adjustable
- footrests: split, foldable
- tires: pneumatic tires, PU tires
- drive: track and wheel drive
- brake: engine brake, parking brake
- batteries: Li-On 48V battery
- charger with magnetic connector
- colors: frame: white; Cover: black

Price (without guarantee):

Scewo Bro basic model (including transport and customs costs): EUR 33,493.10 plus VAT (recommended retail price)


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Scewo AG
Technoparkstrasse 7
8406 Winterthur
Switzerland Telephone: +41 4450086 03 Email: Homepage:


Scewo AG
Technoparkstrasse 7
8406 Winterthur
Switzerland Telephone: +41 4450086 03 Email: Homepage:

Technical Data:

Overall height: 125 cm
Overall width: 68.5 cm
Overall length: 105 cm
Seat width: 46 cm
Seat depth: 43-51 cm
Electric seat height adjustment: from 47 to 90 cm
Electric seat inclination: from -5 to -37 degrees
electric backrest adjustment: from 2 to 47 degrees
electric legrest adjustment: from 90 to 118 degrees
height of armrests: 21-31 cm
distance between armrests: 34-41 cm, gradual
turning radius: 120 cm
obstacle height: 5 cm (wheels) ,> 20 cm, up to 36 degrees (caterpillars)
maximum speed: 10 km / h (wheels), 1 step / s (stair mode)
max. Incline: 6 degrees
Batteries: 20/31 Ah
Range: at least 25 km
Weight (incl.battery): 120 kg
Load capacity: 120 kg

Options / Accessories:

- Headrest: adjustable in depth and height
- Electrical backrest inclination: standard
- Electrical legrest: standard
- Smartphone holder: magnetic, standard
- Rear camera: available
- Backpack backrest: available



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