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Electric wheelchair with rear wheel drive
Use: Indoor and outdoor use
Option: Various electrical functions, among others

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The Neo electric wheelchair enables an active life without outside help. Three models are available as seats (standard, comfort, Recaro). The wheelchair is optionally available in a wider version for an additional charge.

Features / Components:

- Frame: cast aluminum frame (rigid frame)
- Back: angle-adjustable, foldable
- Seat: upholstered, standard seat and seat cushion, depth-adjustable, angle-adjustable
- Seat dimensions: selectable seat width and seat depth
- side parts: removable, width-adjustable, height-adjustable
- armrests: padded
- control unit: joystick, VR-2 control, control bracket can be swiveled to the right or left
- leg supports: removable, length-adjustable, swiveling
- footrests: divided , angle-adjustable
- wheels: 2 drive wheels and 2 steering wheels, support rollers
- tires: pneumatic tires
- suspension: spring-loaded wheels with independent suspension
- brakes: engine brake and parking brake
- steering: indirect
- drive: rear wheel drive
- batteries
- charger
- Lighting: active lighting system with front reflector, rear reflector, turn signal
- Other:
Transport fastening
- Colors: frame n: silver; Cover: black

Price (without guarantee):

basic model Neo: 8,090.00 EUR plus VAT (recommended retail price)

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Bischoff & Bischoff Medizin- und Rehabilitationstechnik GmbH
Becker-Göring-Str. 13
76307 Karlsbad
Germany Telephone: 07248 9209-2 Email: Homepage:


Bischoff & Bischoff Medizin- und Rehabilitationstechnik GmbH
Becker-Göring-Str. 13
76307 Karlsbad
Germany Telephone: 07248 9209-2 Email: Homepage:

Örtliche Sanitätshäuser und Orthopädie-technische Fachbetriebe

Technical Data:

Total width: 69 cm
total length: 115 cm
total height: 101 cm
seat width: 45 cm (effective 40-51 cm) (standard); 52-60 cm (surcharge)
seat depth: 42-51 cm
seat height: 50 cm
seat angle: 2-19 degrees manual, 2-19 degrees electrical (surcharge)
back height: 44 cm
back angle: -5 degrees to +75 Manual degrees, -5 degrees to +75 degrees electrical (surcharge)
Height of armrests: 21.5-28.5 cm
Drive wheels (rear wheels): 3.00-8
Steering wheels (front wheels): 3.00-4
Maximum speed: 6 km / h, 10 km / h (surcharge)
Batteries: 2 x 12 V / 60 Ah
Range: approx. 40 km
Total weight: 131 kg
Load capacity: 200 kg

Options / Accessories:

- Back: Adjustment back
- Headrest
- Seat: various seat units (comfort seat, Recaro seat)
- Seat, electrical functions: adjustable angle, 2-19 degrees
- Seat dimensions: seat width expandable
- Control unit: Can-bus control unit for electrical options
- leg supports, electrical functions: length-adjustable
- brake: parking brake
- tires: puncture-proof tires (RolkoFill)
- drive: maximum speed 10 km / h including road traffic regulations (lighting, rear marking board, parking brake)
- Other:
rear view mirror, stick holder, rear marking board, rear wheel splash guard, software package

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Last Update: 12 Mar 2020