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Quickie Jive R² Quickie Jive R² mit Sitzlift

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Electric wheelchair
Use: Indoor and outdoor use

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Quickie Jive R²



The Quickie Jive family of electric wheelchairs can be used variably and is suitable for various supply problems. Within the Jive family there is a rear wheel drive (Jive R²), a middle wheel drive (Jive M) and a front wheel drive (Jive F). The middle drive offers good handling and maximum traction, the rear drive good stability at high speed and the front drive a stronger pull through a complete alignment on the front part.

Features / Components:

- Back: adjustable back height, adjustable back covering, manual back angle adjustment
- Seat: Fixed seat plate, seat cushion, manual seat angle adjustment, Jay Comfort seating system
- Seat dimensions: Seat width and seat depth and seat height adjustable
- Side parts: foldable, height adjustable, angle adjustable
- Armrests: padded, short, medium or long
- Control: VR2 Control for up to 2 electrical options
- footrests: centrally mounted, short, medium or long, swiveling away, footboard: aluminum, angle-adjustable, split
- drive: rear-wheel drive (Jive R²)
- wheels: selectable wheel sizes
- tires: solid rubber tires the steering wheels, solid rubber or puncture-proof tires for the drive wheels
- batteries
- charger t
- Lighting: light and turn signal
- colors: white, red, blue

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The price is available on request from the manufacturer / distributor.

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Sunrise Medical GmbH
Kahlbachring 2 - 4
69254 Malsch
Germany Telephone: 07253 980-0 Email: Homepage:


Sunrise Medical GmbH
Kahlbachring 2 - 4
69254 Malsch
Germany Telephone: 07253 980-0 Email: Homepage:

Örtliche Sanitätshäuser und Orthopädie-technische Fachbetriebe

Technical Data:

Total width: 63 cm
total length: 118 cm
seat width: 40 - 56 cm
seat depth: 40 - 55 cm
seat height: 43 - 48 cm
seat angle: 0 - 9 degrees (manually adjustable); 0 - 30 degrees (electrically adjustable)
back height: 30 - 61 cm
back angle: -5 to +12 degrees (manually adjustable); 0 to 30 degrees (electrical)
Height of the armrests: 22 - 32 cm
Rear wheels: 14 inches
Front wheels: 10 inches
Maximum speed: 6 km / h, 10 km / h, 13 km / h
Battery: 60 Ah; 70 Ah (optional)
range: max. 40 km
turning circle: 100 cm
obstacle height: up to 10 cm
climbing ability: 10 degrees
weight: 145 kg
load capacity: 160 kg

Options / Accessories:

- Headrest: Jay standard headrest, Jay swiveling headrest, Jay contoured neckrest
- Back: back angle manually adjustable with gas pressure spring, Jay Comfort back
- back, electrical functions: back angle adjustable
- Seat cushion: various seat cushions Available
- Seat, electrical functions: Seat angle adjustment
- Side part: moving and foldable armrest
- Control unit: R-Net control panel with assignable function keys (electrical options can be placed directly on a key on the control panel)
- Special controls: Omni-multifunction display with infrared interface - is used to control any special controls and can operate devices such as TVs, DVD players, etc.; Bluetooth module for controlling PC and mobile phone, R-NET special controls such as chin or head control, dual control / attendant control
- armrest: armrest shell, comfort armrest
- footrest: manually or electrically swiveling, with length compensation, footrest: continuous, angle adjustable
- Lighting: LED light and turn signals
- Other:
Therapy table, table for respirator

Quickie Jive R²:
Quickie Jive R² (seat lift):

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Last Update: 12 Mar 2020