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Electric wheelchair
Use: Indoor and outdoor use

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Rollstuhl FDX



The FDX is an electric wheelchair for active users. The front-wheel drive with G-Trac technology (electronic stability program) is helpful both for maneuverability indoors and for keeping in lane outdoors on uneven ground. The standard equipment of the FDX has a configurable, flexible seating system.
A narrow version with a width of less than 60 cm is available for predominant indoor use.

Features / Components:

- Back: selectable back height, back cushions, upholstered and upholstered adjustable, back tube
- backrest: manually adjustable in steps
- seat: standard seat, seat cushion, manually adjustable in steps
- seat dimensions: seat widths and seat depths can be selected
- side parts: height adjustable, removable
- armrests: upholstered
- operating unit
- Legrests: with a preset angle
- Footrests: one-piece, fixed
- Suspension
- Drive: front-wheel drive
- Color: Frame: silver metallic, Mars red

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Invacare GmbH
Alemannenstr. 10
88316 Isny im Allgäu
Germany Telephone: 07562 700-38 Email: Homepage:


Invacare GmbH
Alemannenstr. 10
88316 Isny im Allgäu
Germany Telephone: 07562 700-38 Email: Homepage:

Örtliche Sanitätshäuser und Orthopädie-technische Fachbetriebe

Technical Data:

(depending on the seat unit selected)

Overall width: 59.5 cm (6 km / h); 64 cm (10 km / h)
total length (with footrests): 125 cm
total length (without footrests): 107 cm
total height: 102 cm (Modulite seat); 106 cm (Easy-Adapt); 129 cm (Recaro)
seat width: 38-53 cm (Modulite seat); 39-62 cm (Easy-Adapt); 49-53 cm (Recaro)
seat depth: 41-51 cm (Modulite seat); 38-53 cm (Easy-Adapt); 46-51 cm (Recaro)
Seat height: 45.5 / 47 cm (Modulite seat); 46.5 / 47/48 cm (Easy-Adapt / Recaro)
Seat angle: 0/4/8 degrees (manual); 0 to 30 degrees (electric) (Modulite seat); 0 to 28 degrees (electric Easy-Adapt / Recaro)
Back height: 48/54/56 cm (Modulite seat); 55 cm (Easy-Adapt); 77-83 cm (Recaro)
Back angle: 90-120 degrees (Modulite seat / Easy-Adapt); 90-135 degrees (Recaro)
Height of the armrests: 29-36 cm (Modulite seat); 25-34 / 29-38 cm (Easy-Adapt); 29-38 cm (Recaro)
lower leg length: 29-51 cm
top speed: 6 km / h (standard); 10 km / h (extra charge)
Battery: 2 x 12V / 60 Ah
Charger: 8 A
Motor power: 2 x 250 W (6 km / h); 2 x 340 W (10 km / h)
Range: 32 km
Turning circle: 1.4 m
Obstacle height: 6 cm
Gradeability: 8 degrees / 14%
Weight: 140 kg
Load capacity: 136 kg

Options / Accessories:

- Push handles (Recaro seat); Push bar (Easy-Adapt-Sitz)
- Headrest: with chin support, adjustable (standard); with chin support, multiple adjustable (Easy-Adapt-Sitz)
- Back: back height expandable
- Backrest: electrically angle adjustable
- Seat: Easy-Adapt seat, Recaro seat, electrically angle adjustable, electric seat lift
- Seat dimensions: seat width, Seat depth and seat height can be extended
- Armrests: extended upholstery (Easy-Adapt-Sitz)
- Control unit: with LCD screen, can be swiveled and height-adjusted
- Legrests: angle-adjustable, manually or electrically swiveled up, ergonomic length compensation
- Footrests: angle-adjustable and depth-adjustable
- Other:
G-Trac, pads (Recaro seat)

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Last Update: 13 Aug 2020