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Cyrius ErgoFit Cyrius ErgoFitPlus Cyrius Komfortsitz

Product Type:

Electric wheelchair
Use: Indoor and outdoor use

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  1. Cyrius ErgoFitPlus
  2. Cyrius ErgoFit
  3. Cyrius Komfortsitz


The Cyrius electric wheelchair has a 700 watt motor and a very small turning circle, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. The seat width of the Cyrius is variable and the seat can optionally be tilted. The wheelchair can hold up to 205 kg and can be individually adapted to the needs of the user.

The wheelchair is available in different versions:

- Cyrius comfort seat
- Cyrius ErgoFit
- Cyrius ErgoFitPlus

Furthermore, all versions are also available as XXL -Variant available with a larger seat width.

Features / Components:

- Frame: aluminum
- Push handles
- Back: manually angle-adjustable backrest
- Seat: comfort seat (Cyrius comfort seat)
- Seat dimensions: adjustable seat width
- Side parts: height-adjustable, width-adjustable
- Armrests: height-adjustable and length adjustable
- control unit: with joystick (swiveling)
- leg supports: height adjustable
- footrests: divided; angle and depth adjustable
- suspension
- charger
- lighting: LED lighting
- color: frame: ice blue

Price (without guarantee):

The price is available on request from the manufacturer / distributor.

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Product Information from the Manufacturer / Distributor:

Cyrius Komfortsitz
Cyrius ErgoFit
Cyrius ErgoFitPlus
Cyrius XXL

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Reutäckerstr. 12
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Germany Telephone: 07248 918610 Email: Homepage:

Örtliche Sanitätshäuser und Orthopädie-technische Fachbetriebe

Technical Data:

Total width: 74 cm
Overall length: 91 cm
Overall height: 128 cm (with headrest)
Seat width: 45/50/56 cm (standard, comfort seat); 41-45 / 46-50 / 51-55 cm (surcharge, ErgoFit, ErgoFitPlus), 56-60 (surcharge, XXL)
back angle: 0 to 35 degrees
top speed: 6 km / h (standard); 10/12/15 km / h (additional charge)
Batteries: 2 x 12 V / 62 Ah (standard); 2 x 12 V / 80 Ah (additional charge)
Motor power: 2 x 700 W
Range: 35 km; 50 km (additional charge)
weight: 130 kg
load capacity: 205 kg

Options / Accessories:

- Headrest
- Seat: ErgoFit seat, ErgoFitPlus seat, XXL seat
- Seat, electrical functions: seat tilt
- Leg supports: manually or electrically adjustable in angle
- Other: Abduction wedge

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Last Update: 9 Mar 2020