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Electric wheelchair with standing function
Use: outdoors
Suitable as an all-terrain wheelchair, sports wheelchair

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The paragolfer enables the user to practice sports that require an upright Posture is necessary. A standing function is also integrated in the paragolfer. Any position can be assumed between the two end positions “sitting” and “standing”. The wheelchair is characterized by its off-road mobility. Thanks to the powerful drive system and the right tires, the paragolfer enables easy overcoming of obstacles. The sports wheelchair is controlled by an enAble50 wheelchair controller.
The paragolfer is a limited special model.

Features / Components:

- Frame: coated
- Back: height-adjustable backrest
- Seat: chest strap, lap belt
- Seat, electrical functions: adjustable standing function
- Seat dimensions: adjustable seat depth and seat height
- Side panel
- Control unit: control bracket on the right or left, Enable 50 impulse control
- Drive: rear-wheel drive
- Brake: engine brake and parking brake
- Batteries: gel batteries
- Charger
- Other: On-board tools, acoustic tilt warning, knee pads
- Color: Covering: white

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Otto Bock Manufacturing Königsee GmbH
Lindenstr. 13
07426 Königsee
Germany Telephone: 036738 79-0 Homepage:


PBT - Powerbasetec
Oberdorfstr. 7
37434 Bodensee
Germany Telephone: 05507 9799108 Email: Homepage:

Technical Data:

Total width: 92 cm
Total length: 150 cm (when driving forwards)
Total height: 81 - 89 cm
Seat width: 30 - 54 cm
Seat depth: 30 - 55 cm
Seat height: 51 - 64 cm
Back height: 29 - 37 cm
Height of the armrests: 15 cm
Length of the armrests: 26 cm
Lower leg length: 52-55 cm (stepless)
Transport size: 145 cm (with swiveled steering wheel)
Top speed: 9.5 km / h
Battery: 12V / 94Ah
Range: 40 km
turning circle: 1.40 m
obstacle height: 10 cm
side inclination: 17 degrees
climbing ability: 30%
weight: 140 kg
load capacity: 160 kg

Options / Accessories:

- Seat: wedge-shaped seat cushion, water-repellent, side upholstery
- Side part: locked side part
- Other: Golfbag holder, bumper bar

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Last Update: 8 Oct 2020