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B500 Sport

Product Type:

Electric wheelchair
Suitable as a sports wheelchair

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The electric sports wheelchair is suitable for many disciplines, such as e-ball, football, hockey, dance or tennis. The B500 Sport can be customized with a variety of options. As a soccer sports wheelchair, the wheelchair complies with the fipfa regulations.

Features / Components:

- Frame: aluminum, fixed, fully welded
- Push bar
- Seat: selectable seat angle, seat cushion
- Seat dimensions: seat height can be selected, seat depth and seat width adjustable
- Back: angle adjustable, back covering
- Side parts: height adjustable
- Armrest: height adjustable
- Control unit: enAble50 control, left or right
- Footrests: one-piece, height adjustable
- Wheels: suspension of the drive wheels
- Tires: selectable profile, pneumatic tires or Puncture-proof tires
- Drive: 4-pole drives
- Batteries: gel batteries
- Lighting
- Other: bumper protection hockey, football, e-ball
- Various colors available

Price (without guarantee):

Basic model B500 Sport: 9,990.00 EUR plus VAT (recommended retail price)

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Otto Bock Manufacturing Königsee GmbH
Lindenstr. 13
07426 Königsee
Germany Telephone: 036738 79-0 Homepage:


Otto Bock HealthCare Deutschland GmbH
Max-Näder-Str. 15
37115 Duderstadt
Germany Telephone: 05527 848-0 Email: Homepage:

Technical Data:

Seat width: 38 - 42/43 - 48 cm
Seat depth: 38 - 46/42 - 50 cm
Seat height: 52/57 cm
Seat angle: 0/3/6 degrees
Back angle: -9 / 1/11/21 or 0/10/20/30 degrees (not possible with mechanical back angle adjustment)
Camber (drive wheels): 5 degrees
Speed: 14 km / h

Options / Accessories:

- Headrest
- Seat: various seat cushions, Contour seat, Recaro seat
- Back: mechanical or electrical back angle adjustment
- Legrests
- Control unit: swiveling, height / angle adjustable, central control version football
- Bumper protection: hockey, soccer, e-ball

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Last Update: 13 Aug 2020