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Freee F2

Product Type:

Electric wheelchair with mid-wheel drive
Use: Indoor and outdoor use

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Areas of Application:

Practical example with a Segway wheelchair see document PB/110986


The Freee F2 electric wheelchair is a Segway wheelchair that is controlled by weight shifting. By tilting the body forward, speed is picked up and by tilting backwards, braking or driving backwards. While driving, the Freee F2 is balanced and kept stable with gyroscopes. To ensure that the Freee F2 stands securely, it has a stand.

Features / Components:

- Frame: metal frame
- Back: upholstered, height-adjustable
- Seat: upholstered
- Side parts: height-adjustable, foldable
- Control unit: Weight shifting via handlebars stabilized
- footrests: one-piece
- back: backrest: adjustable, foldable
- wheels: drive wheels
- tires: pneumatic tires
- brakes: engine brake
- steering: direct
- handlebar: removable
- drive: center wheel drive (no further wheels)
- Info key: display of operating status, mileage, maximum speed, activated electronic immobilizer
- Batteries: lithium-ion batteries, maintenance-free (6 V / 73 Ah)
- charger 110-230 V
- lighting: active lighting system
- colors: Frame: red, black and gray; Cover: black

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Freee Mobility GmbH
Wasenstr. 90
73660 Urbach
Germany Telephone: 07181 9949870 Email: Homepage:


Freee Mobility GmbH
Wasenstr. 90
73660 Urbach
Germany Telephone: 07181 9949870 Email: Homepage:

PT Pro GmbH & Co. KG
Feldbauerstr. 5a
92224 Amberg
Germany Telephone: 09621 914195 0 Email: Homepage:

Örtliche Sanitätshäuser und Orthopädie-technische Fachbetriebe

Technical Data:

Total width: 68 cm
total length: 81-89 cm
total height: 87-95 cm
seat height: 57-65 cm
back height: 30 cm
top speed: 10 km / h; 20 km / h
battery: 2 x 6 V; 73 AH
range: 38 km
weight: 74 kg

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Last Update: 18 Mar 2020