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Phönix P7 Phönix P7h Phönix P7 Top-Lift

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Electric wheelchair
Usage: indoors and outdoors

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The basic P7 model has front-wheel drive and thus gives the wheelchair maneuverability. The P7 can be individually adapted to the needs of the user. With a seat height adjustment of 25 cm, the seat can be raised steplessly. The P7h is an extension of the basic model. It has rear-wheel drive and a top speed of up to 20 km / h. The P7 Top-Lift is equipped with a height lift with a lifting height of 50 cm

The Phönix P7 electric wheelchair has a modular design. The wheelchair is compact, manoeuvrable and has a high payload of up to 200 kg. Custom-made products are possible.

Features / Components:

- Frame: tubular frame / chassis: aluminum chassis
- Headrest: removable, height-adjustable, tiltable
- Back: angle adjustable, up to 28 degrees, back upholstery made of artificial leather
- Seat: Seat upholstered in artificial leather , Aluminum seat plate (38-44 cm) with assembly device for seat shells
- side parts: removable, height-adjustable, swiveling
- armrests: upholstered
- control unit: joystick, programmable, swiveling control bracket
- legrests: removable, adjustable
- footrest: one-piece , foldable, central
- Wheels: drive wheels and steering wheels
- Suspension: swing axle with Rosta spring elements
- Brake: engine brake and parking brake
- Steering: indirect
- Drive: front-wheel drive (P7), rear-wheel drive (P7h)
- Batteries: gel -Batteries
- Charger
- Colors: Chassis: anthracite

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Phönix Rehab GmbH
Bodenluegeten 6
8840 Einsiedeln
Switzerland Telephone: +41 55 4223842 Email: Homepage:


Phönix Rehab GmbH
Bodenluegeten 6
8840 Einsiedeln
Switzerland Telephone: +41 55 4223842 Email: Homepage:

Örtliche Sanitätshäuser und Orthopädie-technische Fachbetriebe

Technical Data:

(depending on the version)

Total width: 61 cm
Total length: 90-100 cm (without footrests); 100-120 cm (with footrests)
total height: 90-120 cm (without headrest)
seat width: 25-80 cm
seat depth: 25-80 cm
seat height: 41 cm (minimum, from the floor), +25 cm (P7 / P7h), +50 cm (P7h top lift)
Seat angle: -5 to +16 degrees
Back height: 20-80 cm
Back angle: -7 to 90 degrees
Height of the armrests: 28 cm (12 cm adjustable)
Length of the armrests: 35/25 cm
Leg support angle: up to 90 degrees
Drive wheels (front wheels): 3.00-8
Steering wheels (rear wheels): 3.00-4
Maximum speed: 6-10 km / h (P7); 6-20 km / h (P7h); 6-20 km / h programmable (P7h Top-Lift)
Battery: 2 x 75 Ah (maintenance-free)
Charger: 10 Ah
Motor power: 2 x 24 V / 400 W
Programmable microprocessor control Curtis: 75 A
Range: 30- 60 km (depending on the terrain)
turning circle: 0.72 m
ground clearance: 8 cm
obstacle height: 10 cm
climbing ability: 15%
weight: 145 kg (including batteries)
load capacity: 200 kg

Options / Accessories:

- Headrests: adjustable
- Back: back shell with mechanical length compensation
- Back, electrical functions: angle adjustable, up to 90 degrees (reclining function)
- Seat: optional standard seating set or special seat cushions (anti-decubitus pillows, etc. ) / individually adjustable seat shells in various sizes and shapes
- Seat, electrical functions: angle adjustable, seat lift with stepless lift
- Control unit: Toggle switch control for 2 actuators, parallelogram
- Special controls: chin control, head control, blow / suction control, infrared LED Module, table control, control panel for attendant
- legrests, electrical functions: angle adjustable with length compensation
- drive: rear-wheel drive
- tires: puncture-proof tires
- lighting: active lighting system
- other:
brackets, belts, rear-view mirrors, pads, calf supports, simple operable freewheel mechanism



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