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Electric wheelchair with four-wheel drive
Use: outdoors
Option: including drive unit 10 km / h, standing function

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The electric wheelchair Four X is a four-wheel wheelchair with 4 electric motors and is suitable for driving in rough terrain. The wheelchair has a low center of gravity, which increases driving stability. The center of gravity can be shifted electrically by around 25 cm. This shifts the focus when driving uphill. The range depends on the charge level of the battery and the terrain being traveled on. The Four X can be loaded into the trunk of most station wagons using short ramps. The Four X is optionally available with a drive unit of 10 km / h (version Four X DL) and an additional electric standing function (Four X DL + SSS).

Features / Components:

- Chassis: all-terrain
- Headrest
- Back: foldable, angle adjustable
- seat: Recaro seat
- control unit: pilot + control with joystick, control bracket on the right or left
- legrests: adjustable in length by gas pressure
- wheels: all-terrain axles and wheels
- suspension: four-wheel suspension
- brake: engine brake and parking brake
- Drive: four-wheel drive, 6 km / h
- Batteries
- Lighting: active lighting system
- Colors: frame: black; Cover: gray

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The price is available on request from the manufacturer / distributor.

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Technical Data:

Total width: 69.5 cm
Total height: 70-85 cm (depending on model)
Total length: 125 cm
Seat width: 40-48 cm
Seat depth: 39-51 cm
Back height: 50-60 cm
Front wheels: 4.10 / 3.50 - 6
rear wheels: 4.10 / 3.50 - 6
top speed: 6 km / h, 10 km / h
batteries: 2 x 12 V / 75 Ah
engine power: 4 x 113 W
range: 35 km
Turning circle: 1.15 m
Gradeability: 20 degrees
Weight: 120 kg (without batteries) / 130 kg (with batteries)

Options / Accessories:

- Seat, electrical functions: standing function
- Special controls: attendant control, chin control
- Legrests, electrical functions: length-adjustable
- Tires: twin tires
- Drive: 10 km / h (insurance number required)
- Other: Seat belt, mirror, mobile phone charging station
- etc.

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Last Update: 20 Aug 2020