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Electric wheelchair with rear-wheel drive
Use: Indoor and outdoor areas

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Elektrorollstuhl Bora


The Bora electric wheelchair is suitable for active users. It is extremely manoeuvrable due to the narrow chassis width. The wheelchair can be dismantled without tools. This makes it easy to transport. Different seating systems and numerous options make the wheelchair a power wheelchair that can be individually adapted to the user.

Features / Components:

- Push bar
- Back: selectable back height, adjustable back cushions, backrest angle adjustable, foldable

Seat: seat cushion, removable seat unit, angle adjustable (manual)
- Seat dimensions: seat plate adjustable in width, seat depth can be selected
- Side parts: height adjustable, removable
- Armrests: upholstered
- Legrests: fixed angle
- Control unit: Joystick
- Footrests: split
- Wheels: selectable wheel sizes
- Tires: Pneumatic tires, puncture-proof
- Suspension of the rear wheel swing
- Brake: parking brake for the rear wheels
- Drive: rear-wheel drive
- Batteries: AGM batteries
- Charger
- Other:

anti-tip wheels, transport attachment
- Colors: Frame: pearl silver, Mars red, light blue, crystal black; Upholstery: black

Price (without guarantee):

Basic model Bora: 5,859.00 EUR plus VAT (recommended retail price)

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Invacare GmbH
Alemannenstr. 10
88316 Isny im Allgäu
Germany Telephone: 07562 700-38 Email: Homepage:


Invacare GmbH
Alemannenstr. 10
88316 Isny im Allgäu
Germany Telephone: 07562 700-38 Email: Homepage:

Örtliche Sanitätshäuser und Orthopädie-technische Fachbetriebe

Technical Data:

(depending on the seating system)

Total width: 59/62 cm
Total length (with footrests): 116/121 cm
Total length (without footrests): 82/84 cm
Total height: 93/97 cm
Seat width: 44-48 / 38-53 cm
Seat depth: 41-51 cm
seat height: 45 / 45-75 cm
seat angle: 0 to +20 / 0 to +30 degrees
back height: 48/54/46 cm
back angle: 90 to 120 degrees
armrest height: 29-36 cm
Lower leg length: 29-47 cm
Drive wheels: 12 inches
Steering wheels: 8/9 inches
Top speed: 6 km / h; 10 km / h (extra charge)
Batteries: 50 Ah
Range: 30 km
Motor power: 2 x 230 W
Turning circle diameter: 160/163 cm
Obstacle height: 6 cm (10 cm with curb lift)
Gradeability: 10 degrees / 18%
Weight: 94/98 kg
Load capacity: 130 kg

Options / Accessories:

- Headrest: width-adjustable and depth-adjustable, with chin support
- Armrests: extended, hemi-armrests
- Seat: electric seat lifter, electric seat angle adjustment
- Seat dimensions: seat width, seat depth can be extended
- Legrests: electrically swiveled up, Ergonomic length compensation
- Footrests: one-piece, angle-adjustable, depth-adjustable
- Tires: puncture-proof
- Lighting: LED lighting system with indicators
- Colors: Frame: crystal black, light blue, Mars red
- Other:
Neck support, curb lift, rear marker board, G- Track electronic stability program

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Bora with lighting system:
Bora without lighting system:
Bora with seat lift:

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Last Update: 15 Oct 2020