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Assistive Product SANGO advanced RWD/ MWD/ FWD lift GYRO

Product Type:

Electric wheelchair, with seat lift
Use: Indoor and outdoor use


The SANGO advanced lift GYRO electric wheelchair has a seat lift and a driving stability control. Depending on the requirements and needs of the user, either the rear wheel (RWD), middle wheel (MWD) or front wheel drive (FWD) can be selected.

Features / Components:

- Frame: steel
- Headrest: removable
- Back: selectable Back height, angle-adjustable backrest
- seat: SEGO comfort, upholstered, angle-adjustable, height-adjustable, seat lift
- seat dimensions: various seat widths, seat depths, seat heights
- side parts: removable or swiveling
- armrests: height-adjustable, foldable
- operating unit: R-Net, Joystick, control bracket right or left, co-pilot attendant control (optional)
- leg supports: adjustable and adjustable in length, swiveling away
- footrests: one-piece or split, adjustable in angle
- wheels: selectable wheel size, selectable wheel camber
- tires: puncture-proof, pneumatic tires and PU
- Drive: rear wheel (RWD), medium wheel (MWD) or front wheel drive (FWD) selectable
- batteries: gel type
- lighting: LED headlights, lighting system and d blinker
- color: frame: gold, blue, red; Cover: b

Price (without guarantee):

basic model SANGO advanced lift GYRO (RWD): 13,110.00 EUR
basic model SANGO advanced lift GYRO (MWD): 13.32 0.00 EUR
basic model SANGO advanced lift GYRO (FWD): 13.110,00 EUR
The prices are recommended retail prices plus VAT.


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Product Information from the Manufacturer / Distributor:

SANGO advanced RWD lift GYRO
SANGO advanced MWD lift GYRO
SANGO advanced FWD lift GYRO

Further Information

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Reutäckerstr. 12
76307 Karlsbad
Germany Telephone: 07248 91860 Email: Homepage:

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Technical Data:

Total width: 60 - 77 cm
Total height: from 108 cm
Total length: 98 - 108 - 110 - 116 - 118 cm
Seat width: 42 - 54 cm
Seat depth: 42 - 56 cm
Seat height: 39 - 48 cm
Back height: 50 - 57 cm
back angle: 0 to 30 degrees (up to 45 degrees on request)
drive wheels: 12/14 inches
steering wheels: 8/9/10 inches
top speed: 6 km / h (standard), 10 and 12.5 km / h (optional)
battery: 2 x 60 Ah, 2 x 78 Ah (recommended in conjunction with 12 A charger)
charger: 8 A, 12 A (optional)
range: 30 km
turning circle: 42 (MWD) - 62 (FWD) - 81.50 (RWD) cm
obstacle height: 5 cm
gradeability: degree
weight: 151 kg
load capacity: 160 kg

SHI aid numbers:
SANGO advanced lift GYRO (RWD):
SANGO advanced lift GYRO (MWD):
SANGO advanced lift GYRO (FWD):

Options / Accessories:

- Headrest
- Back: back cushion SEGO Comfort, back cushion in special dimensions or special cover available on request
- Backrest: foldable, angle adjustable
- Seat: SEGO Comfort seating system, various seat cushions, upholstered
- Side part: swiveling and moving biomechanically
- Armrest: height adjustable , padded
- operating unit: swiveling, height adjustable
- special control: R-Net control, attendant control, chin control
- leg supports: removable, swiveling and swiveling up
leg supports, electrical functions: height adjustable
- footrests: one-piece or divided, angle adjustable, depth adjustable
- Tires: puncture-proof tires

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