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Assistive Product AVIVA RX20 | AVIVA RX40

Product Type:

Rear-wheel drive power wheelchair
Use: Indoor and outdoor


The AVIVA RX20 and RX40 are rear-wheel drive power wheelchairs. The RX20 and RX40 versions can be used indoors and outdoors. The RX20 has a one-piece seat plate and is optionally available with telescopic frame. The RX40 is optionally available with seat lift. The wheelchair is suitable for passenger transport in vehicles (crash tested). The RX40 is also available in an HD version for heavy users.

Features / Components:

- Frame: Tubular steel frame
- Back: back upholstery, upholstered, manually angle adjustable
- Seat: one-piece seat plate, telescopic, seat cushion, seat lift (ONLY RX40 seat lift / RX40 HD seat lift)
- Seat dimensions: manually angle adjustable, manually width adjustable, selectable seat depth, selectable seat height
- Side panels: removable, height adjustable
- Armrests: padded
- Control: joystick control
- Leg rests
- Footrests: split, fold up
- Wheels: suspension
- Tires: pneumatic
- Brake: engine brake
- Drive: rear wheel drive
- Batteries
- Charger
- Lighting: active lighting system
- Other: anti-tilt, transport fastening
- Color: frame: various colors; cover: b

Price (without guarantee):

Basic model AVIVA RX20: 6.804,00 EUR
Basic model AVIVA RX40: 7.309,00 EUR
Basic model AVIVA RX40 (with seat lift): 11.964,00 EUR
Basic model AVIVA RX40 HD: 8.244,00 EUR
Basic model AVIVA RX40 HD (with seat lift): 12.888.00 EUR

Prices are recommended retail prices plus VAT.


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Product Information from the Manufacturer / Distributor:


Further Information

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Please contact the manufacturer or distributor.


Invacare GmbH
Am Achener Hof 8
88316 Isny im Allgäu
Germany Telephone: 07562 700-38 Email: Homepage:


Invacare GmbH
Am Achener Hof 8
88316 Isny im Allgäu
Germany Telephone: 07562 700-38 Email: Homepage:

Technical Data:

Overall width: 56 cm (RX20 / RX40 / RX40 seat lift); 63.5 cm (RX40 HD / RX40 HD seat lift)
Overall height: 100 - 133 cm
Overall length: 102 - 130 cm
Seat width: 38 / 43 / 48 / 53 cm
Seat depth: 41 / 46 / 51 cm
Seat height: 43.5 / 46 / 48.5 cm
Seat angle: 0 - 15 degrees (manual); 0 - 20 degrees (electric; extra charge); 0 - 30 degrees (electric; extra charge; RX40 ONLY)
Seat lift: 30 cm (RX40 seat lift ONLY / RX40 HD seat lift ONLY)
Back height: 48 / 54 cm
Back angle: 90 - 120 degrees (manual); 30 degrees (electric; extra charge)
Armrest height: 23 - 36 cm
Drive wheels: 14 inches
Steering wheels: 9 inches
Top speed: 6 km/h; 10 km/h (extra charge); 12 km/h (RX40 ONLY; extra charge)
Battery: 52 Ah (RX20 ONLY); 60 Ah (extra charge); 73.5 Ah (extra charge; RX40 ONLY)
Range: 35 km (RX20); 47 km (RX40)
Turning circle: 1.50 - 2.08 m
Obstacle height: 6 cm
Weight: 105 - 185.2 kg
Load capacity: 136 kg

SHI-assistive product numbers:
AVIVA RX40 (with seat lift):

Options / Accessories:

- Headrest: various Versions
- Back: electrically angle adjustable, back cushions
- Seat: various seat cushions
- Side section: side pad (RX40 ONLY)
- Armrests: swing away, extended
- Controls: attendant control, various attachments, chin control (RX40 ONLY), head control (RX40 ONLY)
- Leg rests: Amputee leg rest, angle adjustable, calf rest, electrically adjustable, swing away, length adjustable
- Foot rests: angle adjustable, depth adjustable, one-piece (RX40 seat lift ONLY)
- Tires: puncture proof tires
- Other: curb lift, seat belts, knee support (RX40 ONLY), therapy table (RX40 ONLY)
- Color: Frame: Special colors



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