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Assistive Product Carbonstütze in schwarz/schwarz mit Ergo Softgriff

Product Type:

Carbon Forearm Crutch

Areas of Application:

- Walking aids
- Adults


The walking aids are made of carbon fibers and thus have improved stability compared to standard aluminum walking aids.
The height adjustable hand grips and arm cuffs allow the walking aids to be adjusted to the anatomy of the body.
The ergonomically shaped hand grips are designed to prevent pressure pain or joint problems.
A silicone coating on the hand grips keeps the wrist in its natural position. Also, the thumb position is more natural reducing strain and stress on the hand during prolonged use.

Unlike standard supports, this carbon support consists of only 4 components: The support tube made of carbon fiber, ergonomically shaped handle with silicone coating, arm clamp and rubber capsule. These 4 parts can be assembled by sliding the handle, arm clamp and rubber capsule over the tube. The arm clamp and handle are then attached to the tube at the appropriate location using the Allen wrench provided.

Since the support tube has no drill holes for height adjustment, both the hand grips and arm clamps can be adjusted to millimeter accuracy.
This means that this crutch can be individually adapted to any anatomy.
In addition, the fastening method used means that there is no interference noise such as clicking or rattling during

Price (without guarantee):

291,50 EUR incl. VAT
End user price

Product Information from the Manufacturer / Distributor:

Further Product Details

Further Information

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Ossenberg GmbH
Kanalstr. 79
48432 Rheine
Germany Telephone: 05971 98046-0 Email: Homepage:


Ossenberg GmbH
Kanalstr. 79
48432 Rheine
Germany Telephone: 05971 98046-0 Email: Homepage:

Options / Accessories:

Silicone grip pads
The silicone pads provide a more comfortable cushioning for the hand which can otherwise only be achieved with soft grip walking aids.

Technical Data:

Body height: from 175 cm - 185 cm
Handle width: 8 cm
Max. load: up to 200 kg body weight
Weight: 240 g



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