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iCHAiR MC S 1.616

Product Type:

Electric wheelchair, Children's wheelchair
Use: indoor and outdoor

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Features / Components:

- Push handle
- Back: angle adjustable backrest (in 10 degree steps), adjustment belt
- Seat: Seat tilt (in steps), seat belt, 3 cm thick seat plate (breathable mesh fabric)
- Seat dimensions: seat width, seat depth, seat height adjustable
- Operating unit: with joystick, adjustable in length, right/left
- Control: VR2 control, mounted on the left or right
- Footrests: split, height-adjustable, flip-up, angle adjustable
- side parts: padded armrest
- Leg rests: removable, swivel-mounted
- Wheels: selectable wheel sizes of the steering wheels
- Tyres: pneumatic tyres, aluminium rims, in black and grey
- Suspension
- Battery charger
- Batteries
- Lighting: active LED lighting
- Colours: Frame: Orange metallic, green metallic, sun yellow, deep black; Cover: black, orange

Price (without guarantee):

Basic model iChair MC S (incl. batteries, charger, side parts and legrests): 8.910,00 EUR plus VAT (recommended retail price)

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Meyra-Ring 2
32689 Kalletal-Kalldorf
Germany Telephone: 05733 922-311 (Rollstühle),
05733 922-355 (Rehabilitationshilfen),
05733 922-333 (Ersatzteile)
Email: Homepage:


Meyra-Ring 2
32689 Kalletal-Kalldorf
Germany Telephone: 05733 922-311 (Rollstühle),
05733 922-355 (Rehabilitationshilfen),
05733 922-333 (Ersatzteile)
Email: Homepage:

Örtliche Sanitätshäuser und Orthopädie-technische Fachbetriebe

Technical Data:

total width: 58 cm
Total length (with foot rests): 97 cm
Total length (without footrests): 79 cm
Total height (without headrests): 89-92.5 cm
seat width: 30-44 cm
Seat depth: 30-40 cm
seat height (front): 42-47 cm
Seat tilt: 0 to +10 degrees (mechanical); 0 to +22 degrees (electrical)
Seat tilt (with seat lift): 0 to 30 degrees (electric)
Back height: 39/ 44 cm
Back angle: -10 to +30 degrees (mechanical); -5 to +35 degrees (electrical)
height of the armrests: 18-25 cm
lower leg length: 28-43/ 35-50 cm
seat lift: 20 cm (electric)
Rear wheels (rear): 32 x 6 cm
steering wheels (front): 19 x 5/ 22,5 x 7 cm
Maximum speed: 6/ 10 km/h
Battery: 43 Ah, 50 Ah (standard), 63 Ah, 73 Ah (extra charge)
Charger: 8 A (standard), 12 A (extra charge)
Motor power: 2 x 180/ 2 x 300 W
Range (38 and 45 Ah/ 63 and 73 Ah batteries): 28 km / 40 km
Turning circle: 84 cm
obstacle height: 6 cm
Gradeability: 15
Weight: 89 kg
Load capacity: 75 kg

Options / Accessories:

- Tyres: puncture-proof tyres, splash guard
- Seat tilt: infinitely variable, electric; seat lift incl. electric, infinitely variable seat tilt
- Seating systems: TIGA seat system (in orange or black), headrest in shell form, with wing guide or lateral guide, thoracic pads
- Back: Thoracic supports, headrest, single push handles with stabilisation bar
- Back adjustment: infinitely variable electrical back angle adjustment
- Footrests: continuous, height adjustable, angle adjustable, 60mm depth adjustable, foldable; shoe buckle straps; heel holder
- Operating modules: VR2 for electric seat tilt and backrest adjustment, operating module R-NET with LED or LCD display, ESP driving stabilisation module
- Operating module holder: length adjustable, height adjustable, swivelling away, protective bracket, operating module for accompanying person
- Special control modules: Priority circuit for operating module of the accompanying person, swivel table top for operating module, compact joystick, on/off button, chin control, external adjustment keyboard, Bluetooth PC mouse control, MicroPilot zero travel joystick, MicroGuide travel joystick, neckband holder
- Accessories: Rearview mirror, rear marker panel, strap with lock, mobile phone holder, USB charging socket



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