Case Study
Workplace design for an office worker in a travel agency after a stroke


The employer operates with its 47 employees, a travel agency and bus for holiday travel.

Disability and functional limitation of the employee:

The woman has a stroke, a paralysis of the left arm and left hand. The Griffin Room, grasping, holding and handling are disability-related restricted. The degree of handicap (degree of disability) is 70


The wife works part-time as office workers with their employer.

Workplace and duties (actual status):

The office worker working in an office on a conventional video workstation. During her tenure she has to perform the following tasks: - Opening and sorting incoming mail, - Punching and filing of documents, - Advising customers on site and on the phone, - Reserving and booking travel on the PC, - Correspondence with customers and tour operators on the PC and - The processing of the customer payments on the PC. The employee can only use disability caused his right arm and right hand to manage the work tasks. You therefore need more time or the help of colleagues.

Workplace and duties (desired status):

To compensate for the disability-related physical limitations and failures uses the clerk: - A headset to connect to your telephone and parallel work (Find, Book and Book) on the PC, - A small box with a keyboard as a one-handed keyboard sticky keys eg for the shift key for capital letters for the PC, - A wireless ergonomic mouse, - A writing board with magnetic clamping bar and Beschwerlineal (Einhänderlineal) for making handwritten texts (notes, etc.) - An electric punch and stapler for Abhefteten of documents - An electric letter opener and - A table-folding inserting machine for folding and inserting the outgoing mail or letters.

Assistive devices used:

manual drawing and writing tools writing boards, tear and sign boards keyboards computer pointing devices tools for organizing, sorting and archiving of paper documents Tool for mail processing

Further Information

The disability-friendly design was funded 100% from the Integration Office. The consultation was carried out by the Engineer Professional services for disability-related work planning the integration office - the so-called Technical Advisory Service.

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