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BIDI System

Product Type:
Bidirectional video intercom

Areas of Application:
- Inclusive building and living
- Age-appropriate living
- Hearing impairment

The bidirectional video intercom transmits video images in both directions. As usual, a video image from the outdoor station is displayed on the indoor station. In addition, a video image can also be transmitted from the indoor station to a monitor integrated in the outdoor station. The bidirectional video intercom makes everyday life easier for deaf or hard of hearing people. Thanks to image transmission, residents can also communicate with visitors using sign language.

Features / Components:
- Combination of classic and bidirectional video intercom
- Automatic or resident-controlled video image transmission
- Switching the bidirectional camera image transmission on and off is only possible via the indoor station
- Door call signaling takes place optically, acoustically and, on request, via additional actuators such as vibration detectors, light columns or radio signal devices.
- Optional IP connection possible

Price (without guarantee):
The price is available on request from the manufacturer / distributor.

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TCS Tür-Control-Systeme AG


TCS Tür-Control-Systeme AG

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