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RS26 Telefon-Set Telefon Fon Alarm inkl. Armbandsender RT26

Product Type:
Emergency telephone with wristband transmitter, collar transmitter, wall transmitter or fall mat

With an Easywave transmitter, you can send a signal to the Easywave Fon Alarm telephone at the push of a button, which then dials three pre-programmed phone numbers one after the other. If the called party confirms the call by pressing the 0 key, the integrated hands-free system can speak for three minutes. The phone is ideal for giving people in need of care the opportunity to call for help in emergency situations.
In addition to the mandatory wristband or collar transmitters, wall transmitters or the fall mat can also be used. A total of eight transmission codes can be taught in.

Features / Components:
- Large-key telephone with illuminated display and time display
- Menu language selectable (German, English, French, Italian)
- Optical call display (LED telephone rings)
- Handset volume adjustable (max. gain: +40 dB), tone control possible
- hearing aid compatible
- ringer volume adjustable
- 30 phone book entries possible
- voice output when pressing a key
- hands-free function
- display of phone numbers (CLIP) and call list (64 calls)

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