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Gehörschutz Hörluchs HAWEI & HAWEIs

Product Type:
Hearing protection

Areas of Application:
Noise protection

The hearing protection with Wärmesoft coating and ABS insulation board has been specially developed for the demanding noise workplace. Comfort and sealing is achieved by a special heat soft coating (silicone-free). Due to the body heat, the soft thermal coating clings to the ear canal, thus achieving an optimal seal (for example, during chewing movements) and seat or holding function (no slipping). A high degree of stability and dirt resistance is ensured by a special ABS insulation board.

The HÖRLUCHS HAWEI / HAWEIs is manufactured in a reproducible 3D process. Optionally, the part of the HAWEI / HAWEI located in the auditory canal can be made entirely of heat-soft material (85/70 Shore).

Features / Components:
- Very good warning signal intelligibility and speech intelligibility in the working noise
- Optimal protection by graduated Hörluchs replaceable filter
- Extremely stable and resistant to dirt
- No leakage during speech
- Safe heat dissipation prevents excessive sweating
- Biocompatible material prevents allergic reactions (silicone-free)
- Type: Concha, GG
- Material: Acrylic with soft coating in 3D production
- Optional hard-soft acrylic in HF = Manual production
- Approval according to DIN EN 352-2

Technical Data:
Filter technology: HLF 1 SNR 28 dB (yellow): recommended for the noise range of 88 - 103 dB
HLF 2 SNR 26 dB (black): recommended for the noise range of 85-100 dB
HLF 3 SNR 23 dB (green): recommended for the noise range of 83-98 dB
HLF 6 SNR 15 dB (blue): comfort filter

Price (without guarantee):
per pair 200.00 EUR including VAT (recommended retail price)


CE-Zeichen / DIN EN 352-2

Product information of Manufacturer/Distributor:

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Hörluchs Gehörschutzsysteme GmbH & Co. KG


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