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Assistive Product Blom-Singer ElectroLarynx Digital Speech Aid

Product Type:

Digital Voice Generator

Areas of Application:

- Laryngectomy


ElectroLarynx is a functional speech aid for laryngectomized patients. It is placed on the user's neck and generates sound vibrations that are transmitted through a membrane to the pharyngeal, oral and nasal cavities. Through natural speech movements, these vibrations are converted and formed into an intelligible substitute voice. Pitch settings and volume control of the speech aid can be adapted to the user's circumstances via adjustment knobs. A rotatable head attachment allows fine adjustment of the sound quality.

An oral adapter is included in the scope of delivery in case an attachment to the neck or floor of the mouth is not possible due to surgery or radiation. This is attached to the corner of the mouth and directs the sound directly into the oral cavity through a short tube. The Electrolarynx speech aid does not require a special charger and is operated by a standard household 9 V block battery. This can be carried as a spare battery at any time. The supplied carrying strap makes it easy to take the speech aid with you.

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