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SERVOX digital XL

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Digital voice generator

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SERVOX digital XL


The speaking aid offers the special feature that the two buttons can be assigned different volume and frequency. This enables a situation-dependent presetting. In addition, the software offers further options for adapting to the natural speech melody.
In addition to the manual basic setting, the digital electronics enable connection to a PC through its serial interface. A large number of individual settings can be made and saved using special software.
The Servona digital signals that the battery has reached the reserve area by flashing red. A power management protects the battery from deep discharge and increases the speaking time by reducing power consumption.
The battery can remain in the Servona digital for charging. A spare battery can also be charged at the same time.
The scope of delivery also includes the new dark blue nylon belt pouch specially designed for the Servona digital. A separate compartment allows the spare battery to be carried safely. The bag can be variably adjusted to different belt widths.
Speech therapist basic set: This set contains the data cable for the PC, which is not part of the standard scope of delivery.
Lead pipe with adapter: If the device cannot be attached to the neck (e.g. after radiation, surgery), there is another possibility to bring the sound vibrations into the mouth and throat to form the voice.
To do this, the adapter is placed on the screw cap of the Servona digital. The silicone tube is placed in the corner of the mouth so that the end is behind the teeth.

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53842 Troisdorf
Germany Telephone: 02241 9322-0 Email: Homepage:

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