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Provox TruTone EMOTE

Product Type:

Electronic voice generator with intonation possibility

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Provox TruTone EMOTE

Areas of Application:

- Larynx removal


The voice generator can be used as an electronic speech aid during the healing process until voice formation is possible by means of an inserted voice prosthesis. It can also be used later as a temporary means of communication, eg.

Mermals / Components:

- enables speech modulation and allows emotions to be detected
- allows volume modulation - from whispered to loud
- push-button adjustment
- battery life up to 1 month
- rechargeable with USB cable
- average usage time without recharging 25-35 days
- Li-ion battery 9 V

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Griffin Laboratories, Inc.
27636 Ynez Rd. #L7199
CA 92591 Temecula
United States Telephone: +1 951695 6727 Homepage:


Servona GmbH
Biberweg 24 - 26
53842 Troisdorf
Germany Telephone: 02241 9322-0 Email: Homepage:

Technical Data:

Sprechhilfe length x diameter: 114 mm x 35 mm
weight with battery: 136 g



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