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Rehabilitation and return-to-work after laryngectomy

The role of industrial otolaryngologists

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Udaka, T.; Fujiyoshi, T.; Fujimura, T. [i. a.]


University of Occupational and Environmental Health - Kitakyushu, Japan


Journal of UOEH, 2004, Volume 26 (Number 2), page 253-258, Kitakyushu, Japan: Self-published, ISSN: 0387-821X



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Udaka, T.; Fujiyoshi, T.; Fujimura, T. [u. a.]

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Journal of UOEH, Volume 26 (Number 2), page 253-258

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Rehabilitation and return-to-work are important problems for laryngectomized patients. Here, we report 2 cases of laryngectomized middle-aged men, and discuss the role of otolaryngologists from the viewpoint of an industrial physician. The first case is a 55-year-old post-office male clerk, who underwent radical and reconstructive surgery for hypopharyngeal carcinoma. He started light work following 3-month-rest at home after discharge, and fully returned to his previous work 3 years later. The second case is a 50-year-old mailman who also underwent radical and reconstructive surgery for hypopharyngeal carcinoma. He could not return to work because of the recurrence of tumor during rehabilitation. In such cases, comprehensive management including medical, mental and social supports is essential according to the occupational environment. Industrial otolaryngologists should play an important role in rehabilitation and return-to-work of laryngectomized patients.

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