Assistive Product
Schalterkissen von Ablenet

Product Type:

Switch pad
Pushbutton switch

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  1. Schalterkissen von Ablenet
  2. Kabeladapter Schalter-Batteriegerät

Area of application:

- for battery-operated devices
- for devices up to 24 volts


By pressing a switch, the trainee activates a device that is connected to the switch. The switches are only designed for low voltages up to 24 volts. If someone manages to apply higher voltages without authorization, their wires will burn out immediately for safety reasons. By means of acoustic and tactile feedback through click, the user is also stimulated to interact.
Devices operated by batteries or accumulators are suitable as devices. There are cable adapters with bipolar plates for connection to battery-operated devices. Clamped between the battery poles, they interrupt the power supply or open again when the switch is pressed.
The switches are basically push-button switches, not on / off switches. Pressed power on. Let go of electricity off.
Using a low-voltage relay and lead-out connection cables, an electrician can also make devices with 230 volts accessible for switching with the harmless low voltage of up to 24 V. Instead of a battery adapter, you can also unsolder a plug connection for low-voltage devices.

Price (without guarantee):

17.93 EUR to 81.88 EUR including VAT
depending on the version
End-consumer price

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AbleNet, Inc.
2625 Patton Road
MN 55113-1137 Roseville
United States Telephone: +1 651 294-2200 Email: Homepage:


Riedel GmbH
Carl-Zeiss-Str. 35
72770 Reutlingen
Germany Telephone: 07121 51535-0 Email: Homepage:

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