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Assistive Product Vitaris Hausnotruf-System S.A.M 4 incl. Funksender New Amie

Product Type:

Home emergency call system with cordless radio trigger


The home emergency call device is connected to an analog TAE socket or a router with TAE socket. The person to be cared for carries a trigger/call button. By pressing the call button, a telephone call is triggered to the previously programmed telephone numbers. At the same time, the base unit automatically switches to the hands-free function. Now the contact person (relative, nursing staff, service center) can talk to the person and listen in.

Features / Components:

  • voice announcement as reassurance message and subscriber identification for emergency call handling
  • monitoring of the home in the event of absence (burglary warning)
  • function key programmable
  • several handheld transmitters or Radio sensors programmable
  • European emergency call frequency 869.2125 MHz, Class 1 radio module
  • automatic monitoring of the hand-held transmitter battery
  • battery in the base for protection in the event of power failures
  • wall mounting possible
  • can also be used for activity monitoring: a button must be pressed once a day
  • radio transmitter: New Amie (supplied)

Price (without guarantee):

The price is available on request from the manufacturer / distributor.

Product Information from the Manufacturer / Distributor:

Further Product Details

Further Information

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Tunstall GmbH
Orkotten 66
48291 Telgte
Germany Telephone: 02504 701-0 Email: Homepage:


Syscon-Martin Healthcare GmbH
Seniorentechnik Martin - Christian Martin
Bockhorster Landweg 30a
33775 Versmold
Germany Telephone: 05423 4734-0 Email: Homepage:

Options / Accessories:

  • smoke detector
  • motion detector
  • drop detector
  • pull cord
  • radio module



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Last Update: 31 May 2022