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Assistive Product Life-Tel 1 Plus

Product Type:

Personal Emergency Signal System

Areas of Application:

- people working alone
- people in hazardous areas
- security personnel
- travel from place to place


The mobile personal emergency signal devices are designed for securing lone workers working at individual workplaces, on extensive outdoor installations and in hazardous areas. People emergency signal devices according to DGUV 112-139 (formerly BGR 139) and product standard DIN VDE V 0825-1 with GPS positioning and integrated dead man's circuit. The alarm can be sent either by SMS or by phone call. In this way, the Life-Tel 1 Plus immediately notifies the control center or the responsible people. In case of emergency, the person concerned can also send out an emergency call to three numbers at the push of a button.

Features / Components:

- Quiet alarm
- Dead man's switch
- GSM cell localization
- GSM zone alarm
- Care function / time alarm
- GSM location monitoring for disoriented people
- Listen-in function for emergencies
- Emergency call mode
- Mobile phone function

Price (without guarantee):

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Gerhard Pütter
Karl-Liebknecht-Str. 60
15230 Frankfurt / Oder
Germany Telephone: 0176 98221088 Email: Homepage:

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