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Emergency call system for access to public facilities

The Pack CH111 is an emergency call system for the access of disabled people to businesses, shopping centers, events and public buildings with difficulties in entering.
The transmitter is easily recognizable by pictograms. It is watertight and can be fixed on any surface.
The system includes a transmitter and a repeater that receives and transmits the signals, as well as a receiver with a ring and flash.
The recipient can be installed at the reception desk, at a reception or reception in public buildings. Recipient
Can detect 3 different stations. The various LED colors indicate which transmitter has been activated.
The repeater allows you to double the distance between the transmitter and the receiver.
The signal is activated by push-button printing or the smartphone, which can also activate a door-opener.

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Geemarc Telecom SA


Geemarc Telecom SA

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