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Mobiles Personenrufsystem Vibra

Product Type:
Mobile paging and pager, complete set with sensor triggering and vibration alarm

Areas of Application:
- Hospital
- Retirement home and nursing home
- Clinic

The mobile paging call is a wireless call system with connection for any triggering sensors. The receiver can be carried along. The call remains visible on the receiver and is stored until the acknowledgment key is pressed. Since the call signal is transmitted by radio and both transmitter and receiver are small, portable devices, the system is immediately ready for operation.
The mobile paging call can be connected to each sensor via a connection socket, For example, simple pushbutton, suction bladder sensor, alarm pad, etc.

Features / Components:
- internal battery
- LCD display
- Silent vibration alarm possible
- 400 messages can be stored
- Date display and time
- Battery indicator
- Lock function for keys
- Belt clip
- Power adapter

Technical Data:
Dimensions:height 60 mm x width 40 mm x depth 20 mm
Weight:60 g
Ladderauer:approx. 8 hours

Price (without guarantee):
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