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Vitaris Hausnotruf-System S.A.M 4 incl. Funksender

Product Type:
House alarm system with cordless radio trigger

By triggering the red / black button on the transmitter, friends, friends, family members are called until someone acknowledges the emergency call.
3 different numbers are dialed in sequence. The SAM4 seniors emergency call system speaks like:
Emergency call triggering by Ilse Müller or smoke detector triggered by Ilse Müller
Features and functions of this set:
The system can be supplemented by accessories such as smoke detectors, motion detectors, drop detectors, pull cord and cable module. An emergency power supply as well as an automatic function monitoring for the battery and the radio link ensure that the system is ready for use.

Features / Components:
- Internet-capable transmission method for the support of digital telephony services (so-called VoIP connections)
- Transfer formats:CPC, Tunstall, ANT, ST (VoIP compatible)
- Voice announcement as a confirmation message and participant identification for emergency call handling
- Programming via a PC or integrated keypad as well as remote programming via the control panel
- Real-time clock, automatic changeover summer / winter time
- Monitoring of the apartment in the absence (intrusion alarm)
- Function key programmable
- several hand transmitters or radio sensors can be programmed
- European emergency call frequency 869.2125 MHz, Class 1 radio building block
- automatic monitoring of the hand-held battery
- Capacity monitoring of the emergency power supply
- Emergency power supply:30 hours standby and 30 minutes alarm call
- Monitoring the telephone line
- Message in case of power failure and recovery
- Wall mounting possible
- Radio transmitter:New Amie (included)

Price (no guarantee):
449,00 EUR tax included (sales)
Final consumer price
Price Date:30.04.2017



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Tunstall GmbH


Martin Kommunikationstechnik
Christian Martin

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