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Disty Notruf NEO

Product Type:
House emergency call system

After you have determined who you want to speak to in an emergency, up to 5 telephone numbers can be saved.
At the push of a button, the device automatically dials the first of the programmed telephone numbers.
The recipient confirms the call with the
key, you can speak immediately. Without confirmation - because the recipient is not there, busy or the answering machine starts - Disty Notruf NEO automatically dials the next saved number. Until the emergency call is personally accepted and confirmed.

Features / Components:
- For cordless telephones, routers and all DECT systems
- Easy installation
- Easy to use
- Hands-free function
- Acceptance of all incoming calls

Price (without guarantee):
The price is available on request from the manufacturer / distributor



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disty communications GmbH


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