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Haus-ServiceRuf-Teilnehmerstation 52+

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Easy to use home emergency call

In emergencies and dangerous situations, the emergency call device triggers an alarm and transmits it via the telephone network to an emergency call center or nursing staff. The emergency call is triggered by pressing a key on the house service call subscriber station, on transmitter S37 or on the Tx transmitter. A data protocol is transmitted for each telephone line, which enables the emergency call center to identify the customer.
The House Service Call subscriber station 52+ is small and easy to use. Thanks to the integrated mounting device, you can decide whether the device is to be placed on a table or mounted on a wall.
The device can be cleaned by removing or replacing the upper shell. The buttons can also be removed individually.
The house service call subscriber station 52+ complies with the requirements of protection class IP 32. This reduces the risk of damage or malfunctions due to liquids, dust or dirt.
The loudspeaker is attached to the bottom of the unit so that the unit is additionally protected without affecting the voice quality.

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495,00 EUR tax included (sales)
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Price Date:30.04.2017



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Bosch Sicherheitssysteme GmbH


Richter - Telefon - Technik

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