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Epi-Care mobile / Epi-Car free

Product Type:
Embulance alarm for epilepsy with wristband transmitter and app

Areas of Application:
- Epilepsy
- Seizure detector
- Emergency alarm system

The wristband transmitters three-dimensional detection system records all body movements and transmits them imperceptibly to the user as a permanent data stream mobile unit. There epilepsy-related movements are detected and everyday body movements (gesturing, running, coughing, keyboard operation, etc.) sorted out. Once the system registers a seizure event, the responsible caregiver is immediately informed by phone call. In addition, the current location is transmitted via SMS.
For movement and travel freedom, several local areas can be created, each with its own recipient addresses.
According to the provider, the handling of the system requires no special technical knowledge. The sensor battery lasts for 24 hours with a charging time of 75 minutes.
Epi-Care mobile is suitable for adults and children, from the age of 12.

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Danish Care Technology ApS



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