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Life-Tel 1

Product Type:
Security system

Areas of Application:
- working alone
- persons in danger areas
- Security personnel
- Trips from place to place

With this system, solitary workers are secured at isolated workplaces. In emergencies, it automatically sends an alarm to three telephone numbers and provides rapid assistance to the affected persons.
By means of precise motion sensors, the device monitors whether a working person is moving. If it does not register any movements over a predefined period of time, it sends an alarm.
The alarm is activated by SMS or call. In this way, the Life-Tel 1 immediately notifies the center or the responsible persons.
In an emergency, the affected person can also intentionally send an emergency call to three numbers at the touch of a button.

Features / Components:
- Restless alarm
- Dead man's circuit
- GSM cell detection
- GSM zone alarm
- Care function / time alarm
- GSM site monitoring for people without orientation
- Incoming function for emergencies
- Emergency mode
- Mobile phone function

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