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Arm strap to send falling down reports or manual alarm

Before sending an automatic alarm to the base vibrates the bracelet and flashes for 20 seconds in intervals. If the user does not wish that the alarm is sent, he just has to cover the VBC4 by hand until it ceases to vibrate in this period. The sending of the alarm will be canceled

Examples of falls:
(Information by the provider)
Unconsciousness and inability after a serious fall or lose your balance in daily life in the bathroom, when standing or when Moving in the apartment (the lying down, is set to push the button while eating, walking, reading, climbing stairs, etc.). It may happen that certain falls (soft case, a controlled fall or slipping on a wall or on a chair,) are not covered by the VBC4. The technologies for the detection of a fall, on which the VBC4 solution is based, it does not allow you to analyze and interpret all situations.
If a fall is not detected, the carrier may at any time to manually trigger the alarm by pressing the button .

Features / Components:
- Manual alarm:by pressing a button
- Automatic alarm:During a fall, the sensor triggers the alarm broadcast from
- bracelet and sensor with ergonomic shape
- Manual or automatic triggering of the emergency broadcast
- the emergency broadcast is confirmed by LED or vibration
- the sensor vibrates before sending the SOS message
- Radio protocol Geemarc RADIO

Technical Data:
Mass:37 x 33 mm
Thickness:12.7 mm
Battery:CR2477 Lithium
life:up to 2 years
paging frequency:869.2 MHz
Range:Up to 200M in the open field
Kompatibles phone:SERENITIES, CL650ID

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Geemarc Telecom SA


Geemarc Telecom SA

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