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DAKS-Personen-Notsignal-Anlage (PNA)

Product Type:
Personal emergency signaling system to secure lone work

Areas of Application:
(information provided by the provider)
- Lone workers
- Night watchman
- Service personnel in data centers and industrial companies
- Employees in the prison system
- Workers on production machines
- Nurses in the field of psychiatry

Features / Components:
- Mandatory function test before the start of monitoring
- Emergency call function via a dedicated emergency call button
- Quiet alarm with pre-alarm
- Position alarm with pre-alarm
- Escape alarm for hectic movements with pre-alarm
- Loss alarm due to tear-off cord with pre-alarm
- Time-dependent alarm with pre-alarm
- Technical alarm if the radio connection is lost (server or end device)
- Technical alarm if the battery voltage is too low
- Alarm if the maximum personal protection time is exceeded
- Checking the correct return location
- Channel reservation for PNEZ functions
- up to 150 personal security systems At the same time
- Optional: Non-interpreting location including location visualization

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tetronik GmbH


tetronik GmbH

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