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Tunstall Hausnotruf-System Lifeline Vi

Product Type:
House emergency call device with cordless radio emergency button

Areas of Application:
- Alarm system
- Emergency alarm system
- Personal alarm
- House emergency call
- Radio emergency call

Features / Components:
- Connection to an analog TAE socket
- Calls when the red one is triggered Button acquaintances, friends, family members until someone acknowledges the emergency call.
- up to 10 different numbers are called in sequence
- hands-free facility for emergency calls: You can talk to the person calling for help should they be near the base.
- Can also be used for activity control:
- Integrated temperature sensor
- Base battery for protection in the event of power failures
- Hands-free calling and phone calls possible via the base (only answer)

Price (without guarantee):
The price is on request available from the manufacturer / distributor



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Tunstall GmbH


Martin Kommunikationstechnik
Christian Martin

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