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Visueller Notruf HBN

Product Type:
Lift emergency call system for people with hearing impairments

Areas of Application:
- Elevator
- Hearing
- speech impediment

Telegärtner has developed an emergency solution for lifts, the deaf and people with speech or hearing impairments can help in emergency situations, with the outside world to communicate.
the system complements the usual emergency and communicates with passengers on a screen, are displayed on the issues and on the touch-sensitive surface, the default answer can be selected. The communication is multilingual and can be selected by using flag icons without control center personnel itself must speak the language; the translation makes the intelligent system almost automatically

An optional attachable camera complements the HBN and makes thanks to image transmission to the control center a conclusive assessment of the situation in the cabin possible. . An additional benefit that comes not only hearing impaired people benefit

A mobile radio gateway connects the HBN an intelligent connection to the wireless network

Features / Components:
- Color touch screen, capacitive
- bus galvanically isolated

Technical Data:
Image Size:320 x 256, 5.7-inch diagonal
Camera Connector:BNC / 75 ohms / 1 Vpp

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Telegärtner Elektronik GmbH


Telegärtner Elektronik GmbH

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