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Multiton i-page

Product Type:
Data interface for alarms

Areas of Application:
- hearing impairment

I-page is a compact system in UHF technology with an integrated serial data interface and an additional LAN interface. The data interface is used for connection to computer-controlled systems, For example, photocall systems in old and senior homes, fire detection systems, building control technology or machine monitoring.
In industry, health care or security, the fast transmission of alarms, fault messages or status displays is an important criterion for operational readiness and fast response. Frequently the forwarding is carried out on monitors, indicator lights or are recorded via a printer. If the workstation is not busy at the time of the alarm, the fault is not processed. I-page is a product for forwarding these messages to small mobile pagers with alphanumeric display.
In addition, 14 potential-free contact inputs are available to process further monitoring systems or technical alarms. Each contact input can be individually programmed with a text message and the associated paging receiver (or receiver group).
Various transmission protocols ensure the connection flexibility.

An appropriate software is included in the scope of supply for programming and programming. All necessary settings are entered into the system via the LAN interface.
A web-server-based software can be called up via the LAN interface. Using this software, participants or groups can be programmed with names. Ideal is this software for the use of truck call systems. All calls are logged and stored in a separate database.
Various pagers are available for receiving the text messages. The system memory can manage up to 10,000 participants.
The user interface is accessed via Internet Explorer or another, comparable browser. This allows the activation of text calls over all computers that are integrated in the network.

The following functions are possible with the software:
- Individual and group calls (teams)
- Name of all participants by name
- Search by name
- Set up of stored text messages
- Logging of search calls

Particularly in the area of ??truck call systems, the combination of network-compatible operating software and sending of data directly from the merchandise management is used via the serial data interface. Logging of all send data allows subsequent control at any time.

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Multiton Elektronik GmbH


Multiton Elektronik GmbH

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