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Epilepsie Alarmsystem epiAlarm

Product Type:
Seizure detector for epilepsy

Areas of Application:
- Epilepsy
- Seizure detector
- Emergency alarm system

The epiAlarm consists of a bed sensor, which is mounted under the mattress, and an alarm unit. The bed sensor has no built-in wires or switches. The sensor detects the slightest movements of the person lying on it - even breathing and heartbeat. epiAlarm has no weight limit, making it suitable for both children and adults.

Absence alarm:
If the sensor registers no movement, the person has left the bed. The absence alarm starts if the person leaves the bed without deactivating the device or if the person does not return to bed during the preset delay time. This time can be set manually between 10 seconds and 60 minutes using a rotary switch.

Seizures with convulsions:
Different the movements on the bed from normal movements, such as. B. normal breathing, epiAlarm recognizes the convulsive phase of an epileptic seizure. The sensor also detects hyperventilation and partial cramps as an attack. The alarm sounds when the persons atypical movements last longer than the preset delay time. The time can be set between 7 and 20 seconds. These two different types of alarm can be used separately.

epiAlarm can be integrated into an existing nurse call system or trigger an alarm via a mobile radio receiver / telephone.

Features / Components:
- bed sensor or area sensor
- alarm unit or control unit
- Plug-in power supply
- Battery pack
- Operating instructions
- Bracket for wall mounting
- Radio call / pager system
- Nurse call connection optional

Technical Data:
Dimensions control unit: 96 x 127 x 34 mm
Dimensions sensor: 400 x 5800 mm

Price (without guarantee):
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