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Vitakt Hausnotruf

Product Type:
House emergency call system with emergency transmitter

The Vitakt emergency call system can connect to a Vitakt employee by operating a portable emergency transmitter. When the signal triggered by the emergency transmitter reaches the Vitakt-Basis or Vitakt-Vario, contact is made to the emergency and service control center. There the incoming emergency call appears on the screen and with it the customers data. Since the customer has triggered the emergency call, Vitakt employees can speak to them directly via the intercom built into the device.

Features / Components:
- two different receivers: Vitakt-Basis for landline connection and Vitakt-Vario for the mobile network
- power socket necessary for both models
- home emergency call with fixed network connection prioritized: this means that an emergency call can be made when the customer is on the phone

Technical Data:
Emergency transmitter
diameter: 4 cm
weight: 16 g

Price (without guarantee):
Vitakt basic emergency call: EUR 23.00 per month. plus VAT (recommended retail price)



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Vitakt Hausnotruf GmbH


Vitakt Hausnotruf GmbH

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