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Aufzugsnotruf für Krankenhäuser

Product Type:
Elevator emergency call for hospitals

Areas of Application:
- Hospitals
- Retirement homes
- Parking garages
- Office buildings
- Public facilities
- Security facilities

To protect passengers in an emergency situation, elevators meet the European safety requirements EN-81 standard. This includes regular control and simulation of the elevator emergency call. The provider provides a solution that performs the emergency call simulation completely independently at regular intervals and, thanks to IP technology, constantly monitors its own availability. Operators of older elevators also benefit from this solution because the IP technology used can be integrated into existing systems.

Price (without guarantee):
The price is available on request from the manufacturer / distributor


CE-Zeichen / EN 81 / EN81-28

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Scanvest Deutschland GmbH


Scanvest Deutschland GmbH

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