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NEO Hausruf- und Servicesystem

Product Type:
House emergency call with handheld transmitter

NEO is a house emergency call device for use at home in private homes, in assisted living as well as in all facilities where the possibility for an emergency call is needed. An emergency call can be triggered by pressing the red call button on the front of the device or by pressing the ATOM hand transmitter. NEO immediately connects to an alarm receiver. After receiving the alarm, a voice connection is established between the caller and the call recipient. This is done on the NEO via the built-in loudspeaker and the microphone.

Features / Components:
- 3 buttons in different colors
- Emergency button illuminated (can be switched off) and thus also found in the dark
- Day button for passive alarm function
- On / off button
- White key freely programmable
- 3 LEDs for displaying operating states and errors
- Acoustic and optical signaling of errors (can be switched off individually via programming)
- Multi-protocol capable and thus also compatible with the common control centers in Germany
- Pre-alarm time freely adjustable
- Melody for Pre-alarm programmable
- Different acoustic signaling for each button and function group
- Test alarm function
- Integrated radio range test function
- Integrated acoustic immediate check of the batteries of handheld transmitters and other external radio accessories
- Programmable call cancellation only on site
- Bidirectional radio link
- Use of the protected frequency for persons N Emergency calls according to EN50134 (869.20 - 869.25 MHz)
- Automatic radio link monitoring
- Monitoring of the radio link also for interference
- Remote programmable
- Programming with PC
- Programming via voice computer
- Telephone ringing via loudspeaker can be switched on optionally
- Call acceptance by hand transmitter
- Can be used as a hands-free system for normal incoming calls
- Connection to private branch exchanges possible
- Programming 8 different radio components with free assignment of the alarm type
- Battery for unrestricted operation of the device in the event of a power failure (up to 80 hours)
- Monitoring of the battery for empty and full
- monitoring of the telephone line
- monitoring of the hand transmitter battery without user intervention
- simple wall mounting possible
- very small and light plug-in power supply with very little heat development

product features radio transmitter ATOM
- wearable as a collar or as a bracelet
- integrated two-tone LED
- LED signaling red when the button is pressed ck
- LED signaling green when the signal is received by the receiver (e.g. B. NEO)
- Optical display for battery status
- Transmission of battery alarm to the control center if the specified threshold values are undershot without user intervention
- Large button with simple activation at any point of the button
- Power saving mode for manual or automatic storage
- Bidirectional radio link with variable output power
- Programmable radio link test intervals
- Programmable for several receivers at the same time

Technical Data:
Ambient temperature: 0 C - 40 C
Weight: 400 g
Dimensions (W x D x H): 18 cm x 19 cm x 3.1 cm
ATOM radio transmitter:
Frequency: Use of the protected frequency for emergency calls according to EN50134 (869.20 - 869.25 MHz)
Weight: 13.2 g
Dimensions (W x D x H): 35 mm x 44 mm x 11 mm
Waterproof: according to IP 67

- NEO emergency call device with integrated rechargeable battery
- Black telephone connection cable with locking mechanism
- Plug-in power supply
- ATOM hand-held transmitter including collar and bracelet
- Operating instructions

Price (without guarantee):
The price is available on request from the manufacturer / distributor


CE-Zeichen / EN 50134 / LVD / EMC / RoHS / R&TTE


GKV-Pflegehilfsmittelverzeichnis /

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