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Epi-Care 3000

Product Type:
Seizure detector for epilepsy

Areas of Application:
- Epilepsy
- Seizure detector
- Emergency alarm system

Epi-Care is suitable for adults, children and even infants. It is delivered ready for use with a base unit, sensor, sensor holder and plug-in power supply unit as well as the necessary transmission system for alarm forwarding. The basic unit can be adjusted to the level of monitoring and the individual needs of the patient.
The system records seizures and documents the time, duration and strength; triggers local or external alarm as soon as an attack is registered. The sensor is fixed under the mattress and transfers the movements to the electronics. Epileptically motivated body movements are distinguished from normal sleep movements. This technology enables the movements to be quantified as the basis for registration and alarms.
If a seizure is registered in the patients room, the base unit triggers an alarm. The caregiver is informed wirelessly via the beeper within a radius of approx. 300 m. The alarm can only be switched off at the base unit and the Epi-Care can be reset to the monitoring status.
Wireless transmission systems are available for different requirements, which ensure that the alarm is transmitted securely. Larger distances can be bridged with a dialing machine into the landline or mobile phone.

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