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Product Type:
Radio call system for the hearing impaired

Areas of Application:
- Alarm system
- Hearing impairment
- Deafness
- Workplace

The HGT lighting system is a wireless light signal system for the hearing impaired. The system converts acoustic signals in the living area and at the workplace into optical signals. The devices are supplied with power and the signals are transmitted from the transmitter to the receiver via the sockets in the apartment. The transmitters record the various events and send them in the form of radio pulses to the receivers, which convert the radio pulses into lightning sequences. Since the transmission from the transmitter to the receivers takes place via the existing 230V power network, cabling between the transmitting and receiving devices is not necessary. The devices are simply plugged into the existing sockets and are thus immediately connected to each other via the lighting network.

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HGT - Hörgeschädigten Technik B&K GmbH


HGT - Hörgeschädigten Technik B&K GmbH

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