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Multiton i-Message

Product Type:
Alarm Management System

I-Message is a communication platform and alarm server solution for voice, text and time-critical alarm message control. I-Message combines outgoing alarm signals from systems and interfaces in a single monitoring and control center. The integration simplifies and optimizes visibility, monitoring and control using live ads. I-Message is modular in design and can be extended to up to 10,000 users at any time. The system can be extended by the smart app @ppear. Thus, even commercially available smartphones can be used for message transmission or as an alarm receiving device. With @ppear, texts and messages, language as well as pictures or videos can be sent to smartphones via the i-Message communication platform.

Features / Components:
- Alarm server with input and output interfaces
- Message and voice transmission
- Paging and mobile usage via @ppear
- Individual user interface with intuitive action fields
- Single disc
- System upgrade possible

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Multiton Elektronik GmbH


Multiton Elektronik GmbH

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